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The web site is hand-coded and converted to static files in 2014 by party promoter-and-webmaster Under, now that we serve our content from Amazon S3. No more luxurious server-side scripting and unlimited bandwidth for hosting large files!

We use Google's free Font API in our web design. Embedded are custom fonts Lobster and Maiden Orange.

We use FlowPlayer to embed videos, and track visitors with Google Analytics. I'd be a monkey's uncle if it weren't for MailChimp handling our huge mailing list. They also keep our ego in check by filtering the wheat from the chaff of email addresses using double-approval signups! Too many bots submit uninterested emails to our list, and we're not going to pay for it. We've shut down the mailing list due to 99% of it being illicit signups of out-of-country email addresses. We love and use TinyJPG on all of our hosted JPG and PNG images for tinier, compressed files!

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